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Join the Council of Elders after their First Annual Retreat Weekend in Washington, D.C.!

Black History Month Continues!

The Black Excellence Project expands to its first satellite city, in Boston, Massachusetts this spring.

The Curriculum

We teach Africana for all, which centers Black narrative in everything we learn. Amateka’s curriculum has been designed with the fundamental affirmation that only when we study and celebrate the contributions of global Black communities can we achieve a world where Black peoples are also affirmed, valued, and included. 

The Culture

The success of any school is driven by its culture. Each member of our school community, including students, staff and faculty and our families share a belonging in celebrating the world’s Black histories and cultures we do not hear enough about.

The Call to Serve

Join our Council of Elders, we are particularly seeking an Elder Treasurer and Elder Secretary! Elders embody the mission to celebrate Blackness in their personal and professional lives. Our first Elder Spotlight goes to Chrystal Seawood, educator and artist. 

The Community

"Africana for all" means everyone belongs at Amateka: our students, our families and our staff.  The Amateka community is one of local and global connections.  Locally we hope to open our first model school in Southeast D.C., while also spanning the globe through our learning and engagement with the global Black diaspora.

The Space (physical facilities)

Over the next few months, we will take the time to co-create Amateka’s vision together. Each month we will share our ideas for a category found within our 2021 Community Engagement Survey - and as we receive responses from you, your voice will be incorporated into our vision for Amateka College Prep! This month's category talks about the learning environment: Amateka is a space where we work collaboratively, celebrate Black Excellence and feel welcome and belonging.   

Our Community Engagement Survey!

Amateka wants to hear from parents throughout the Washington, D.C. area! We will continue to co-create Amateka’s vision by incorporating your ideas with ours, as we move forward together to build the first school specifically designed to confront anti-Blackness and celebrate Black Excellence. 

The Burden She Bears

This Women's History Month, Amateka calls to conversation the challenges uniquely faced by Black women, also known as "intersectionality" of both sexism and racism.

A New Era for Black Excellence!

The Black Excellence Project celebrates one year during Black History Month 2021.  New book coming out this month!

12-Month Charter Countdown!

January marks the date that we will be officially applying for approval from the DC Public Charter School Board to become the first school that is specifically designed to confront anti-Blackness.

2020 Newsletter Archive



Madam Vice President-Elect Harris

What does it mean to us to have the first woman of color, HBCU graduate, Black Greek and Howard University alumna in national leadership? Hear from Amateka's leadership.




Hear a conversation about college-course, Afro-Latinidad: Black Identities in Latin America and its impact on D.C. high school students!



Join our Council of Elders

Our board of directors, known to us as the Council of Elders lead the growth and impact of Amateka College Prep. Join our team!



What is Africana?

Learn about using African-centered education to celebrate the global Black Diaspora!



The Black Excellence Project

Thirty 9th grade students publish their writing with Amateka!

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